PUBG Mobile collaboration with Blackpink Korean K-Pop singers

PUBG Mobile collaboration with Blackpink Korean K-Pop singers
Image Credits : PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile's battle royal game constantly surprises gamers. After previously releasing its 15th season, now the gaming world is shocked by the news of the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and a girl group from South Korea, Blackpink. 

What is new in PUBG Mobile Collaboration with Blackpink Update? 

On September 14, 2020 yesterday, the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account, @PUBGMOBILE, uploaded a teaser poster with an all-pink background. The uploaded image shows a half face photo of a woman wearing glasses. The glasses even show a reflection image of the New Erangel map, or the latest season of PUBG Mobile. The picture is the caption "Guess who is coming." This certainly invites the curiosity of gamers and k-pop lovers. 

Many suspect that the picture is Lalisa Manoban or what is usually called Lisa, a member of the girl group Blackpink. Not finished making fans guess the picture of the woman, 15 September 2020 yesterday the PUBG Mobile Instagram account again uploaded a photo that was no less shocking. 

The picture posted on Tuesday shows a figure of 4 female characters in a car dominated by pink. Not only that, PUBG Mobile adds a caption below it with the words "New color is on the way". Suddenly it made netizens commotion, especially PUBG Mobile gamers and k-pop lovers. The fans are curious about the 4 female characters that are displayed. 

This seems to indicate that PUBG Mobile actually collaborates with all Blackpink personnel, which also number 4 people. Some speculate that the 4 female characters are Blackpink members, namely Rose, Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo. Fans suspect that PUBG Mobile is not only working with Lisa alone, but also with 4 personnel. 

Even though it has displayed a teaser that makes fans curious, the Battle Royal game still has not made an official statement regarding this collaboration. Previously, PUBG Mobile had collaborated with Blackpink by making the song "Playing With the Fire" as the soundtrack of this game. So it is possible if later PUBG Mobile will collaborate again more intensely. 

The news of the collaboration between PUBG Mobline and Blackpink has reaped pros and cons. Many support the collaboration between the famous game developer and one of the South Korean girl groups. But not a few have criticized PUBG Mobile's decision to take a girl group as a partner. 

Missions or prizes are what keep the game alive, what's the point of honing to get cosmetics. And don't let me start with new game modes and childish content added to the game, said another netizen. 

If the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Blackpink is truly realized, this will be the number of times for Lisa to deal with the gaming world. Previously, Lisa herself had been the brand ambassador for a game by Tencent, namely Brawl Stars from Supercell. In addition, Lisa has also been a spokesperson for a game from China. This time Lisa will not be alone. Seeing some of the posts and signs that have been given by PUBG Mobile, the 4 Blackpink personnel will participate in enlivening this battle royal game. 

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