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Facebook is one of the social media platform which has most active users in the world as compared to their competitors Twitter and Instagram. Facebook has 2.6 billion monthly active users all over the world. Now a days everyone in the world using FB account for sharing their thoughts, images, videos with their friends and relatives. Coming to the Facebook pages how users give important to these pages. If your page has likes and followers that indicates the popularity or interest of the users on your page. There are lot of pages created by the Facebook users, but here we will see which Facebook pages has most fan following in the world? Let check.

Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages in the World:

1) Facebook
2) Samsung
3) Cristiano Ronaldo
4) Real Madrid CF
6) Coca-Cola
7) Tasty
8) FC Barcelona
9) Shakira
10) Vin Diesel

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Facebook App:

Account Name: @facebookapp
Followers: 217 Million
Page Created: 2010

Account Name: @SamsungIndia
Followers: 160 Million
Page Created: 2009
SamsungIndia is the official Facebook page of the Samsung. It has 160 Million Followers and it is the second most fan following page in the world after the official page of Facebook. In this page Samsung will share their latest Samsung brand stories, events, innovative technology and more.
Cristiano Ronaldo:

Account Name: @Cristiano
Followers: 127.6 Million
Page Created: 2009
Cristiano Ronaldo rocking the social media. Ronaldo is the first person who has most fan followers in Facebook. And also he is the first person who has 200 Million followers in Instagram. Currently he is playing for Juventus in Serie A Club and Portuguese National Team. 

Real Madrid C.F.:

Account Name: @RealMadrid
Followers: 110 Million
Page Created: 2007

Account Name: @ChinaGlobalTVNetwork
Followers: 108 Million
Page Created: 2013

Account Name: @cocacolaGB
Followers: 106 Million
Page Created: 2014

Account Name: @buzzfeedtasty
Followers: 103 Million
Page Created: 2015
FC Barcelona:

Account Name: @fcbarcelona
Followers: 101 Million
Page Created: 2009

Account Name: @sharika
Followers: 99 Million
Page Created: 2007
Vin Diesel:

Account Name: @VinDiesel
Followers: 94 Million
Page Created: 2009

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