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Why Tears comes while people cry? Well there are 3 basic reasons for that let check.


There are 3 different types of tears they are:


What is iris?

The Iris constantly form a thin coating of three layers that cover eye and keep dirt and debris away. Right next to Iris is the mucus layer which keeps the whole thing fastened to it on the top of it is the aqueous layer, which keeps iris hydrates, repels invasive bacteria and protects the cornea form damage and finally there is a lipid layer an oily film that keeps the surface smooth for iris to see through and prevents the other layers from evaporating.


The basal tears are secreted by the Lacrimal Glandlocated inside the eyelid, every time you blink your eye the Lacrimal glands spread tear across the surface of the eye which washing and moisturizing the eye surface. It providing with nutrients, killing bacteria and smoothing out the surface of the eye for maximum optical quality and reduce the friction generated by blinking. Basal tears are the tears we cry all the times they are always present or omnipresent in the human eye. In an average the human eye produces five to ten ounces of basal tears per day and thirty gallons a year.


The second type of tears is reflex tears. They protect the eye from debris like dust, dirt and foreign objects and irritants like wind, smoke or chemicals, onions, peppers etc and are activated by sensor nervous in your cornea which is connected to a central nervous system. Once triggered these tears can wash out irritants and protect the eyes with a coating of antibodies to stop any micro organisms that may be trying to get in.


When people cry from emotional distress their bodies release a third type of tear called emotional or psychic tears and the makeup of this tears is very different from the two previously mentioned containing elevated levels of a protein called prolactin and the stress regulating and renacortical tropic hormone ACTH. When your body cries emotional tears it expels ACTH in those tears to distress you and stabilize your mood additionally your body releases the neurotransmitter leucine and Cathleen a natural painkiller. Emotional or psychic tears other way your body literally gives to your emotions lighter bad feelings out.

Benefits of tears:

But scientists still aren’t sure exactly how or why the tears themselves are helpful. They may be a social mechanism to elicit sympathy or show submission. But some studies have also found that emotional tears contain higher levels of stress hormones, such as ACHT and enkephalin, an endorphin and natural pain killer. In this case, emotional tears are also directly calming Iris down, as well as signaling her emotional state to others.

In other ways often physiological that can have severe impacts on your health from high blood pressure to heart disease and hypertension. The benefits of tears are so universally acknowledged that the more emotionally repressed countries of Japan and Britain have established crying clubs where people can deliberately provoke themselves to tears to achieve catharsis in a safe judgment free space.
As long as you have all 3 kinds of tears working to keep you balanced and healthy, it will get better.

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