Jamie Gertz ($2.2 billion)

Surprise we bet many of you haven't even heard of this lady she used to be a rising star back in the eighties starring in numerous roles alongside Hollywood A listers like Kiefer Sutherland and Lou diamond Phillips among others. She’s married to billionaire private equity investor and venture capitalist Tony Ressler, but believe it or not she was the one who did all the major spending in the beginning of the relationship. He was doing OK from self but nowhere close to the level he's at now it was later when he co founded errors management firm that his fortune started piling up and Jamie being the savvy woman she is believed in her husband investing a lot of the money into the company providing her with a thirty percent stake in Aris management. Jamie's being on and off the screen for years now focusing primarily on her business and philanthropic activities in her spare time she serves as a trustee for the Ressler Gertz foundation which supports a number of educational causes in LA.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (Around $400 million) 

Do you remember these little Munchkins well they're all grown up now and they've turned into quite a successful duo they became child stars back in the late eighties starring in numerous movies and several TV shows and people couldn't get enough of them the Olsens built an empire under their label do all star entertainment producing the popular home videos the adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley. The wildly successful videos resulted in a number of spin off books and products that banked around one billion dollars in retail a year. Nowadays they've distanced themselves from the silver screen and went all into the world of fashion back in two thousand six the Olsen sisters began their luxury fashion label the row which aims to merge aesthetics of timelessness and rebellious classic signatures. Ever since then they've won at numerous awards in the fashion world making quite a name for themselves and the brand. All of this adds up to their combined net worth of around four hundred million dollars.

Xuxa meneghel (Around $350 million)

Xuxa is a Brazilian TV host actor, singer model and businesswoman. She started out as a model when she was a teenager and swiftly transitioned into the music and entertainment industry. As a singer she was very accomplished with over fifty million copies sold worldwide as of 2020. Later on it she got a role in a kids’ TV show which became an overnight hit and that's when things really started to take off. Soon after she accepted offers to star in numerous prolific movies and TV shows including her own the XUXA show making her one of the most recognized faces in Brazil and of the third richest female actor in the world.

Victoria principal ($280 million)

This awesome woman made a name for herself starring in the uber popular show from the late seventies Dallas. Victoria was born in Japan and despite doing several early commercials she didn't intend on becoming an actor it wasn't until she got into a car accident while she was in college that the star decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue an acting career. Few years after she landed her role in Dallas and that's what her career took off. However the bulk of her not worse comes from her savvy business deals and skin care line principal Skin which brought in more than a billion dollars in revenue. Another source of income for Victoria is her four bestselling books making her a pretty successful author.

Nicole Kidman (Around $260 million)

Nicole's first love when she was young with ballet but she also took up a mime and drama at the same time during her school years acting turned into such a big passion she decided to pursue it as a career the call got some minor roles in Australian movies in the early eighties, but when she got a part in dead calm in nineteen eighty nine that's when things really started taking off the movie that made her an A lister was the musical Moulin Rouge which garnered her first academy award nomination for Best Actress as well as a paycheck of seven million dollars the following year Kidman was nominated again as best female actor and this time she took home the coveted award for her leading role in the ours. Aside from the acting career this blonde beauty became the face of Chanel number five for which she reportedly was paid twelve million dollars for a three minute TV commercial and in two thousand fifteen Nicole became the brand ambassador for at your Airways. She also owns several properties across the US and Australia worth in the millions as well as our own production company founded in two thousand ten blossom films.

Julia Louis Dreyfus ($250 million)

Actor Julia Louis Dreyfus took the spotlight by making America laugh as a lane Venice on the TV hit show Seinfeld. The super popular sitcom earned her tens of millions of dollars which added to her now massive network and she still earns hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from the show twenty two years after it ended. More recently she starred in the HBO hit show Veep which earned her no less than six Emmys and a paycheck of around five hundred thousand dollars per episode in the last season putting her among the top earning female performers. Despite being the daughter of a billionaire Julie I didn't want to live in the shadow of her father so she went all in and bet everything on her acting career and it paid off big time not only is she one of the richest female actors in the world but she also holds the record for most Emmy awards one.

Jennifer Aniston ($240 two million)

This beauty rose to fame in the nineties winning America's heart as the beautiful and entitled Rachel green on the hit sitcom friends. Jennifer Aniston made millions playing Rachel and when the show ended her onscreen magnetism along with their skills and talents allowed her to develop a very successful career that made her into the Hollywood superstar she is today. There were quite a few movies that were successful in the box office with Aniston in a leading role including Bruce almighty we're the millers Marley and me just go with it and horrible bosses among a few others and more recently she stars in the hit TV series the morning show. Over the years Jennifer has won multiple Emmys golden globes and Screen Actors Guild awards along with many other awards.

Reese Witherspoon ($230 million)

The movie skyrocketed this little lady's career that would have to be legally blonde where she played the role of Elle Woods a fashionable sassy sorority queen that defies all stereotypes when she's admitted to Harvard Law School. The movie grossed one hundred and forty two million dollars worldwide becoming one of the highest grossing in her career and a turning point which transitioned her from indie films to blockbusters. In recent years she's been producing and starring in some pretty popular and talked about TV shows including big little lies and the morning show for which she earned one point two five million dollars per episode. It’s been a long time since legally blonde Hendry says still going strong and it doesn't seem like she's going to be stopping anytime soon. Reese Witherspoon also expanded our portfolio beyond acting to include entrepreneur with draper James a fashion label she launched in two thousand fifteen and a producer with hello sunshine a production company that puts women at the center of every story they create discover or celebrate and to those roles have accumulated to a sizeable fortune making her one of the richest female actors in the world.

Jessica Alba ($210 million)

After a few parts in small movies Jessica Alba became known to audiences across America with her hit TV show dark angel. It only lasted for two seasons but that was enough to catapult her to the spotlight and never look back. Ever since then she starred in a number of popular movies including Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four 2 rise of the Silver Surfer Sin City and little Fockers. Nowadays she dedicates much of her time to running her billion dollar consumer products and start up the honest company the brand focuses on creating safe and effective products for families across the world and Jessica herself values being a mother over anything else. Actually it was her love for children that inspired the actress to start the honest company in the first place. The combination of her work as an actor and her business ventures secured her spot among the richest female actors in the world.

Jane Fonda ($200 million)

This Hollywood icon has been gracing us with her presence on the silver screen ever since the nineteen sixties. As the daughter of the late legendary actor Henry Fonda and the New York socialite Frances Seymour Brokaw. Jane was pretty much destined for greatness; she initially took the stage alongside her father at the Omaha community theater and received acting lessons from Lee Strasberg. Over the years she had a stellar acting career appearing in dozens of movies as well as winning dozens of awards including two Oscars and seven golden globes. On top of her acting career she also became a household name with her workout tapes in the nineteen eighties selling more than two hundred thousand copies a year and topping charts all across America. She earned a fortune through her skills as an actor fitness expert as well as model and writer. Nowadays Jane continues to earn money through acting as well as writing but her main focus lies in our philanthropic ventures. She loves helping others as well as contributing to tackling climate change and other major issues of our era. 

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