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List of 10 Top Expensive Watches in the World 2020:

10 Top Expensive Watches in the World 20201) Graff Diamonds Hallucination - ($55 Million)
2) Graff Diamonds The Fascination  - ($40 Million)
3) Breguet No 160 - ($30 Million)
4) Jaeger – Lecoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette - ($26 Million)
5) Chopard 201-Carat Watch - ($25 Million)
6) Patek Philippe Henry Graves - ($24 Million)
7) Jacob And Co Billionaire Watch - ($18 Million)
8) Paul Newman Rolex Daytona - ($17.6 Million)
9) Patek Philippe Ref 1518 - ($11.1 Million)
10) Vacheron Constantin 57260 - ($8 Million)


Vacheron Constantin 57260 is from the house of the world’s oldest watchmaker. The case of the Vacheron Constantin is crafted with a white gold it gives a pretty gorgeous look for this. it is one of the difficult watch to built because it has 2800 components which are provided 57 distinctly available complications. It also contains a perpetual calendar and a double second retrograde chronic.

Patek Philippe ref 1518

Patek Philippe ref 1518 was introduced in nineteen forty one and remains the only perpetual Patek Philippe with the calendar split second chronograph made of steel. the ref 1518 brought with it a new season in watchmaking for Patek Philippe who had been making watches since eighteen thirty nine. they remain one of the most expensive and luxurious watch brands in the world. king Farouk the tenth ruler of Egypt was a famous owner of a ref 1518, he had the watch in eighteen karat white gold but timing is everything so more on this model later keep watching to see how much this time he sold for in a charity auction in Geneva at Christie's it came in at number nine on the list but it's a real winner at the end of the day.

Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

when most people think of expensive watches Rolex often comes to mind but this is actually the only Rolex that made our top ten list of expensive watches and the main value is because of who warrant Paul Newman was once one of the biggest movie stars celebrities in the world while he was shooting the film winning his wife and famous actress Joanne Woodward gave him the nineteen eighty six Rolex Daytona on October twenty sixth two thousand seventeen Paul Newman's winning streak continued when his famous Rolex was auctioned at Phillips auction house in New York the bidding opened with an offer of one million dollars and a twelve minutes later the gavel went down on a winning bid of seventeen million seven hundred and fifty two thousand five hundred the buyer was an anonymous phone bidder the sale set a new record for the highest price ever achieved for a wrist watch at auction.

Jacob and co billionaire watch

Now comes the real frosting the billionaire watch is decorated with two hundred and sixty carat emerald cut diamonds, they are arranged in an inverse pyramid style setting with a bold cut enhancing the natural sparkle of the style. This is complemented by an eighteen karat white gold case. The perfectly crafted interior includes an escapement of torben to compensate for each wrist movement to keep the time so precise right down to a fraction of a hair.

Patek Philippe Henry graves

This pocket watch was thanks to banker Henry graves jr. a watch lover who commissioned it to out shine the grand complication pocket watch of American automaker James ward Packard the competition was fierce but for twenty four million dollars. He managed to procure a personalized time piece with twenty four complications. It included a celestial chart based on the night sky from graves home in New York City it also included a minute repeater with Westminster chimes. It had a perpetual calendar and sunrise and sunset times


15 carat pink diamonds, 12 carat blue diamond, 11 carat white diamonds and 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds to watch other than a tired rest you get the second most expensive wrist watch for women. It's definitely a spectacle to behold mirroring the sun it right down to its diamond encrusted base.


Another glittering wonder is the 576 diamond and sapphire enriched Joaillerie 101 Manchette. It's a wrist watch fit for a queen and that's exactly how it was created for her to celebrate her sixtieth anniversary. Queen Elizabeth receives this twenty six million dollar gift from Michelle occulta. It replicates the original that she wore on her coronation day that was gifted to her by the French president it's unknown where that watch is located the assembly of this watch made by Zsa Zsa Lakota is so specialized that only three people know how to do it and the watch weighs less than a gram. The design is made up of rows of interlocking squares which make it look like a frosted bracelet. It has a great dial and a silver winding crown the black sapphire is given a striking geometric contrast. The wow factor is inconceivable but that's how factor his unfathomable.


The flag gate number 160 is a clockwork power. The first verse of the beautiful pocket watch is a design in gold. The second verse its intricate complications a masterpiece including every function invented at the time such as the perpetual calendar, a thermometer and a repeat chime. The last verse the time it took to complete forty five years of toil by Abraham Louis Breguet who started it in 1782 as a commissioned by queen Marie Antoinette's love. Her tragically it was not completed before revolutionaries put Marie Antoinette to death on top of its tumultuous pasts and complicated complications. It's not a tough recent history in 1983 when it was on display at a museum in Jerusalem the watch was stolen luckily it was recovered and is now back on display at the L. A. mayor museum in Jerusalem.

Graff diamonds the fascination

Everyone loves a two for one deal apparently even those in the market for the most expensive watches in the world for forty million dollars you get the option of a ring and a watch. This piece is made of 152 carats of white diamonds and the piece de resistance is a 38 carat pear shaped diamond in the center. The center diamond is a removable component which can be detached to be worn as a rank the concept behind it was to show the results of the partnership between graphs. London based diamond house and it's a Swiss watch making Atelier. Although a pear shaped diamond cut might seem a bit passe and current trend owning the second most expensive watch in the world will never go out of fashion.

Graff Diamonds Hallucination

It's hard to imagine, just how much frosting fifty five million dollars can get you on a watch, but the hallucination makes the picture all whole lot clearer. This showstopper holds 110 carats of rare colored diamonds in a mosaic of different cuts and finishes embedded in the watch's strap. The layout is meticulously shaped to create a spectacular masterpiece that is bold and bright with the face and crusted with expertly laid pink diamonds. The hallucination is a statement piece that has changed the face of watch making it combines the rarest colors of diamonds like the fancy light gray blue, fancy vivid yellow, fancy intense pink, fancy orange, fancy green and fancy intense blue. These are all laid out side by side in various cuts from hair mark Katz emerald sparkling and heart style along with traditional round cuts. In 2020 it was valued at fifty five million dollars topping of the most expensive watches in the world.

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