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Latest Current Affairs: 9th April 2020 Current Affairs

9th April 2020 Current Affairs

1) The cabinet approved the temporary suspension of the MPLAD (Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme) fund for how many years because of the Corona Virus Pandemic?

A) 1                                         B) 2                                         C) 3                                      D) 4

Answer: B

MPLAD stands for Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme, for two years this fund has been suspended and therefore the amount of this MPLAD scheme will be move to CFI. CFI stands for Consolidated Fund of India. It is important to note that this MPLAD is a scheme of MAS by a TAS Ministry statistics and program implementation and as for this Scheme the members of parliament used to get 5 crore’s per year for the development of work. Apart from that the cabinet also promulgated an ordinance to reduce the salaries and pensions of the members of parliament by 30% for one year.

2) The government has constituted an Empowered Committee to coordinate with the private sector NGO and international organizations related to COVID-19. Who is the chairperson of the Empowered Committee?

A) Rajiv Kumar         B) Amitabh Kant                   C) Surjit Bhalla         D) Amit Shah

Answer: B

Mr Amitabh Kant who is the CEO of NITI Aayog at present will be headed for this empowered committee. So this empowered group is going to coordinate with private sector, nongovernmental organizations and with the international organizations in the context of COVID-19. NITI Aayog, it is an executive body recently it was released first India Innovation Index and this index was topped by Karnataka. NITI Aayog was also released School Education Quality Index and this index was topped by Kerala.  Kerala stated India's first LNG bus service in Kochi.

3) The highest ever highway construction by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) was achieved in which financial year?

A) 2016-17                B) 2017-18                C) 2018-19                D) 2019-20

Answer: D

NSCA announced the completion of construction of 3979 kilometer of highways in the financial year 2019-20 and as per the official statement this is the highest ever highway construction achieved in a financial year by NHAI. NHAI is under ministry of road transport and highways, the present minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari his constituencies Nagpur. Recently Mr. Nitin Gadkari was launched India's first intercity Electric Bus service and this service is between Mumbai to Pune.

4) India has received 1.70 lakh Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) coveralls, donated by which country after opening up supply lines from abroad?

A) Australia               B) China                    C) United States                   D) Saudi Arabia

Answer: B

PPE stands for Personal Protection Equipment. India recently received PPE coveralls which have been donated by China.

5) Pravin Rao has been appointed as the new chairman of which industry body of India?

A) NASSCOM                       B)CII                           C)FICCI                                 D)IAMAI

Answer: A

Mr. Pravin Rao is going to be the chairman of NASSCOM while Rekha M Menon is going to be the vice chairperson. Apart from this few other appointments are: Mr. Bimal Julka was appointed as Chief Information Commissioner on the other hand Mr. Ravindra singh till now was appointed as the New CMBO Power Finance Corporation in addition to that Mr. Rajiv Bajaj was reappointed as the MD and CEO of Baja Auto.

6) Which Port-trust became the first state owned port trust to invoke the clause of force majeure at the backdrop of coronavirus outbreak?

A) Kolkata port trust                                                 B) Mumbai port trust           
C) Chennai port trust                                               D) Cochin port trust

Answer: A

This clause is invoked when forms are not able to meet contractual commitments that means they're not able to fulfill the contract obligations for the reasons beyond their control that means if there was a contract and if there was a commitment because of that contract and the commitment cannot be fulfilled because of some reason which is beyond the control. Due to the coronava virus the Kolkata port trust became the first state owned that means first government owned port trust to invoke this clause. Kolkata port trust completed 150 years and this port was renamed as Shama Prasad Mookerjee Port Trust.

7) Which day that is celebrated on April 6, focuses on health benefits of participating in sporting and physical activity amid social-distancing, this year?

A) International day of Sport and Physical Exercise
B) International day of Sport for development and peace
C) International day of Healthy Habits
D) International day of Sport and Games

Answer: B

International day of sport for development and peace and it was observed on 6th of April and this year the United Nations announced a tagline for this day and that tagline is for the international day of sport this year let be active and healthy to beat the covid19

8 ) What is the tagline for World Health Day 2020?

A) Support Doctors and Health professionals
B) Support nurses and midwives
C) Support health care
D) Contribute to Health Care

Answer: B

World Health Day is observed on 7th April every year and the tagline for world health day is support nurses and midwives and it is celebrated by WHO. WHO gave the official name to the disease caused by corona virus and the name of this disease is Covid-19 and to prevent the transmission of this disease the government of India has announce 21 days lockdown.

9) Which Asian country has declared a state of emergency over coronavirus?

A) China                    B) Japan                    C) Thailand               D) Singapore

Answer: B

Japan has declared emergency the prime minister of Japan is Shinzo Abe. Japan was host of 2020 Summer Olympic Games and these games were supposed to be in Tokyo in Japan and they were postponed to 2021.

10) Which firm has bagged the order from the Indian Army to set up a unified network management system?

A) Tata Consultancy Services       B) Larsen & Toubro      C) Infosys            D) Wipro

Answer: B

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