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Latest Current Affairs: 10th April 2020 Current Affairs

Latest Current Affairs: 10th April 2020 Current Affairs

1) What is the name of online challenge for students, launched by the innovation cell of MHRD and AICTE, for developing solutions to the Coronavirus Pandemic?


Answer: B

MHRD stands for Massive Human Resource Development and the innovation cell of MHRD along with AICTE have launched online challenge for students to search and to develop quick solutions to the Coronavirus pandemic. MHRD Minister is Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, SAMADHAN is also a doctrine to counter LWE. LWE stands for Left-Wing Extremism.

2) What is the brand name of rapid antibody diagnostic kit for Covid-19, developed by the state-owned enterprise, HLL Life care Limited?

A) Test Sure                   B) Make Sure           C) Check Sure            D) Covid Sure

Answer: B

The name of this is Make Sure and it is a rapid antibody diagnostic test kit for Covid-19 and this kit has been approved by NIV and ICMR. NIV stands for National Institute of Virology and ICMR stands for Indian Council of Medical Research. ICMR is under Ministry of health and family welfare and it was founded in 1911. So this Make Sure kit will be able to provide the results within 15 to 20 minutes.

3) Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), along with which private firm, has developed a face shield for doctors and medical staff for treating Covid-19 patients?

A) Tata                 B) Wipro              C) Larsen & Toubro                D) HCL

Answer: B

The face shield is act as a barrier so that they do not get infected so, for this the DRDO and WIPRO have collaborated. This full face shield will protect the healthcare personnel from infection. DRDO has also developed PPE for the medical stuff. PPE stands for Personal Protection Equipment. DRDO is under defense Ministry present defense Minister is Mr. Raj Nath Singh his constituencies Lucknow.

4) Which state government has unveiled a five-step plan named “5 Ts Plan”, to tackle the spread of Coronavirus?

A) Maharashtra              B) New Delhi          C) Chandigarh             D) Kerala

Answer: B

The five 5 Ts Plan is related to Coronavirus and five T stands for Testing, Tracing, Treatment, Team Work and Tracking and Monitoring.

5) Which instant messaging platform has limited the sharing of forwarded messages to one chat, amid the rise in fake news during Coronavirus Pandemic?

A) Telegram                      B) WhatsApp              C) WeChat              D) Messenger

Answer: B

Whatsapp is an entity of Facebook. Whatsapp has announced that it has limited the sharing of frequently forwarded messages to only one chat at a time. Whatsapp also launched WHO Coronavirus Health Alert Service. In partnership with the government of India it also launched my gov corona helpdesk. So these are two different initiatives one is WHO coronavirus health alert service and another one has been launched in partnership with the government of India and the name of this initiative is my gov corona helpdesk. So through these initiatives whatsapp is trying to provide authentic information about Coronavirus.

6) As per the notification of WIPO, which country topped the world in filing International Patents filed with WIPO, in 2019?

A) United States             B) China               C) Russia              D) Germany

Answer: B

WIPO stands for World Intellectual Property Organization. China has replaced the USA and became the topper in terms of filing international patents. China has filed 58990 applications through the PCT system of WIPO. PCT stands for Patent Corporation Treaty System and this PCT started operations in 1978. Since USA used to file a maximum number of patents but in 2019 China file maximum number of patents through this PCT. WIPO headquarters is in Geneva. The Parent Organization of WIPO is United Nation Economic and Social Council and WIPO was formed in 1967.

7) What is the name of the tropical Cyclone that hit South Pacific island nations Vanuatu islands and Fuji recently?

A) Harold                      B) Sidr                     C) Diane               D) Gretel

Answer: A

The name of this tropical cyclone is Harold and it started from the Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands is in Pacific Ocean.

8) The International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide is observed on April 7, to commemorate the genocide happened in which country?

A) Libya                 B) Rwanda                            C) Sudan                    D) Germany

Answer: B

The International Day of Reflection on 1994 Genocide is observed on April 7 to commemorate the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda the genocide was done by Hutu extremists led government against the Tutsi minorities and that is why this day is observed Rwanda is an African country.

9) Which institution is set to provide emergency loans to small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) named ‘SAFE PLUS’?

A) Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC)
B) National Bank for Agriculture and Development (NABARD)
C) Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)
D) National Small Industries Corporaton Limited (NSIC)

Answer: C

Small Industries Development Bank of India announced that it will provide emergency loans to the MSME named SAFE PLUS. The SAFE PLUS stands for SIDBI Assistance to Facilitate Emergency. So working capital of upto one crore will be provided to the MSME engaged in the manufacturing of medical equipments and the safe plus collateral free loan will be dispersed within 48 hours at an interest rate of 5%.

10) Which state announced an Rs 50 lakh insurance cover for Police personnel and state government employees involved in the Covid-19 fight?

A) Kerala              B) Rajasthan           C) Madhya Pradesh              D) Punjab

Answer: C

This is an initiative of Madhya Pradesh government. The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh is Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

11) As per the recent report, about 400 million workers of India will fall into poverty. Which International Organisation released the report?

A) World Bank                                          B) World Economic Forum    
C) International Labour Organisation                  D) United Nations

Answer: C

This is a report by ILO i.e., International Labour Organisation. The title of this report is ILO Monitor Second Edition Covid-19 and World of work. According to this recent report about four hundred million workers of India will fall into poverty. It is important to note that ILO is UN agency. UN stands for United Nations, the head quarter of ILO is in Geneva and last year ILO completed 100 years that means ILO was founded in 1919 .

12) Which manufacturing company announced collaboration with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) for a campaign against Covid-19?

A) Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)       B) Dabur   
C) ITC Limited                                           D) Britannia Industries

Answer: A

HUL that is Hindustan Unilever limited has decided to collaborate with UNICEF for the campaign against Covid19 and the name of this campaign is Break the Chain. The goal of this campaign is to break the chain of transmission of Coronavirus. It is important to note that a similar initiative was started by Kerala government.

13) Indian-American Brahm Kanchibotla, who recently passed away after affected by Covid-19 in the United States, was associated with which profession?

A) Businessperson                   B) Journalist                      C) Writer                       D) Economist

Answer: B

He was a journalist and he passed away recently in USA so he was one of the correspondences of united news of India.

14) Which state or union territory recently approved the establishment of two centers for Invention, Innovation, Incubation and Training (CIIIT)

A) New Delhi          B) Jammu and Kashmir                   C) Punjab           D) Odisha

Answer: B

Jammu and Kashmir union recently approved the establishment of centers for CIIIT. Jammu and Kashmir became a union territory from 31st of October 2019. 31st of October is special as it is celebrated as national unity day in our country it is the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel and recently the tallest statue the statue of unity was included in SCO list of eight wonders.

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