Most important thing is that Liverpool fans were the last to believe.

Good game one of the best Abbey’s they played for sure so far very dominant in most periods of the game like too much the first in the first half the last five or seven minutes not one they wasn’t sure but nothing happen really they were not as dominant as before and obviously the last ten fifteen.


After ten minutes when they try to press high and Liverpool’s from three played up against United is factory with and without ball which was brave and typical Liverpool and we can see from match the problems it caused United in Salah Marnie was in there orthodox positions sure Maguire and Lindelof trying to keep that thee narrow and project the goal and this time to they got away with it then Liverpool on the defensive with the front three what they did is they go they press they don’t worry about what’s behind them and they was like they said two Men United can you play through us and United’s back three at times they couldn’t play out against the Liverpool press. But this is where the problems arose making the pitch wide splitting that three the two wing backs are too high and they made a lot of chances first off. It was brilliant from the other pulls back players to recognize that sometimes you don’t always have to play out those pretty little passes they’re very good at that Liverpool. Again they maid 3V3 very difficult to defend against one of the best front stories in Europe there with great save and Liverpool should have well in a way ahed by half time and again they applied 3V3 this means is Lindelof can’tcover one berseker big space for Robertson to run into one Bersekers switches off for second they are out again good bit of movement in the middle from Salah and they misses the chance.

Liverpool played outstanding they dominated the opponent, played exactly in spaces they had to. when they saw lineup it was pretty clear to them what they have to do. They also dropped a six being there high fullback stuff they was like that flexible and created a lot of chance and Liverpool called it as a SET PIECE only in out of situations obviously. But they defatted them with a lot of passion a little big hard.

Now the gap between Manchester United and Liverpool is exceeded to 30 points on Sunday after goals by virgil van Dijk and  Mohamad Salah sealed a victory for the reds.

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