Effective treatment of brain cancer with special type of fish possible

A new research has shown that such types of fish that do not have jaws in them contain a kind of chemical through which anti-cancer medicines can be delivered directly in brain tumors. This research has been published in Science Advance magazine. Research found that the molecules found in the immune system of Parasite 'C lamere' can be combined with other treatments and can treat other types of disorders like multipilicis, alzheimer and trauma.

Professor Eric Schuasta of Madison-Wisconsin University of America says, "We believe it can be used as a basic technology in many situations." Researchers say that when medicines are given through injection, many medicines The targeted part of the brain is not accessible because the blood-brain barrier prevents large molecules from going.

Researchers say that in cases like brain cancer, menstruation, trauma, they become porous in the area with blocking disease. Studies show that punchy obstructions provide a great opportunity to enter from there. From here, the molecule can move the brain to the exact location of the drug. Another researcher Ben Umloff says that it can be a way to get medicines to a precise place, which normally does not reach properly in the brain. He says, "There are many such diseases which inhibit the blood-brain blocker and we can offer many remedies in the molecule by adding the medicines."

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