Artificial Intelligence tool will know when the water shortage will befought

The problem of water crisis in any part of the world will be addressed in advance. Artificial Intelligence will be used for this, which will tell a year ago where the war is about to take place and then the struggle will be stopped.

The issue of water is really a very serious issue. Our water sources are declining and drinking water is getting decreased according to the population. In such a case, the war for the water was a very different.

Netherlands Status Water, Peace and Security Partnership (WPS) has created a tool that will track water supply, social, economic and demographic data worldwide. During the testing, this tool had predicted more than three-fourths of water related conflicts in Mali's Inner Niger Delta. This tool is to be launched globally at the end of the year.

Susan, who is associated with WPS, said, "We want to know the battle for water already and then want to talk to it so that the problem can be solved."

Even earlier, efforts have been made to create such tools but they have not been successful because the reason for the conflict of water has been different from the area. On the other hand, WPS said that their tool is a step in this direction. In this tool, data from NASA and European Space Agency's satellites are used to monitor water resources from around the world.

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