Unlock Exclusive Hyperbook Items with the Frostfire Ring Event in Free Fire

Frostfire Ring Event in Free Fire

Following the launch of the Frostfire Hyperbook, Garena introduces the Frostfire Ring event in Free Fire, creating a buzz among the game's community. Players, particularly those keen on expanding their in-game collections with cosmetics and exclusive items, are thrilled about the event.

Highlights from the rewards track include the Frostfire Skywing, Frostfire’s Calling emote, and the AWM – Frostfire Snip. Given the event's one-week duration, players eager to acquire these items must promptly decide whether to invest their diamonds.

The Frostfire Ring event kicked off on October 8, 2023, and boasts a variety of exclusive rewards. Similar to other Ring-themed Luck Royales, players engage by spending diamonds on spins to claim rewards from the prize pool.

Each spin costs 20 diamonds, with a 10+1 spins option available for 200 diamonds in this battle royale title. Below is the list of rewards featured in this newly launched event:

  • Frostfire Skywing
  • Frostfire’s Calling (emote)
  • AWM – Frostfire Snip
  • Katana – Frostfire Echo
  • Frostfire Hitter
  • Frostfire Cutie Backpack
  • Gloo Wall – Frostfire Keeper
  • 10x Frostfire Tokens
  • 5x Frostfire Tokens
  • 3x Frostfire Tokens
  • 2x Frostfire Tokens
  • 1x Frostfire Token

Acquired Frostfire Tokens from these spins can be later exchanged for desired prizes, ensuring players get the items they crave from this exciting event. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to enhance your Free Fire experience!

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