Fortnite new update today! Fortnitemares, Weapons, Rocket League Car

Today we have Fortnitemares new update, let's check it all the new things of this update on this article.

The Fortnite servers are under maintenance to roll all the new update, so player are unable to play the game for today. The "Sweat-Free" wrap is given out as a compensation for downtime.

Fortnite new update

Now, let's check out all other new features of this update, it have new loading screens and community concepts. New Goo Gun and Cobra DMR, the pics of these items are provided in below. As of now there is no clarity on Goo Gun how it works, we have to wait until complete update rolled out.

Fortnite new update leaks

A random clock was added codenamed "grandfather clock" which is likely a teaser to the one in Stranger Things..

Throwable Launchpads have been added. No idea if they're ingame yet or not, will check later! The Grapple Glove was updated AND the Spider-Man Mythics received similar updates.. So Fortnite will either bring the Spider-Man Mythics back at some point or they just did this to keep it up to date internally..

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