Royale Pass M2 Giveaway for 10 players

Royale Pass M2 Giveaway for 10 players
Royale Pass M2 Giveaway

Royale Pass giveaway is a great opportunity for players who are not affordable to purchase it. Mostly, these giveaways are announced by the content creators.

Royale Pass M2 will be release soon, in this time the popular Telugu YouTuber Gamee star Sobhan announced a giveaway for their channel community members. He will pick up ten players and send Royale Pass M2 for free.

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In this article, the detailed information of this giveaway is provided in below. Let’s check it.

Royale Pass M2 Giveaway for 10 players

Gamee Star Sobhan is a popular content creator in Telugu community. He has 3.9 lakh more subscribers. He is delivering PUBG Mobile and BGMI content to their subscribers.

Recently, he announced Royale Pass M2 giveaway. From this, 10 players can get a chance to win M2 Royale Pass for free. If any one want to participate in this event can check all the details in below video:

Note: 7 players will pick from his YouTube channel and 3 from twitter account, totally 10.

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PUBG Mobile Royale Pass details

Royale Pass is an extraordinary element in PUBG Mobile. The same will be reflected on other available version such as PUBG KR, BGMI, PUBG VN, etc.

On every season it has been released on two themes and lasts for period of 2 months. But, after released 1.5 update, it was divided into two sections M1 and M2, each lasts for a period of 1 month.

Royale Pass M1 was released on TEK ERA theme, it will ends on August 13th. After that Royale Pass M2 on Project-T theme will begins.

After made these adjustment in Royale pass, the developers decreased the levels of the RP rewards and price of the Elite and Elite Plus.

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