PUBG Mobile Lite Season 28 Winner Pass release date and time

PUBG Lite Season 28 Winner Pass release date
PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 27 Winner Pass will be concluded in few days. Hence, players are eagerly waiting for Winner Pass Season 28 release.

In this article, you can check out the exact release date and time of the PUBG Lite Season 28 Winner Pass.

Winner Pass is one of the best events on PUBG Lite to collect exclusive inventory items. The game developers provide various skins for Guns and Vehicles, Outfits, emotes, and other rewards on Winner Pass.

So, PUBG Lite lovers are very excited to claim new winner pass rewards.

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PUBG Lite Season 28 Winner Pass Release date

The current season of Winner Pass will end on August 30th. The next day of that, the WP section will be completely locked. That means players are not able to collect rewards from the Winner Pass.

However, from September 1st onwards, the Season 28 Winner Pass will be available in PUBG Mobile Lite at 7:30 AM (IST).

Like the previous seasons, the WP is available on two paid versions, such as Elite and Elite Plus and in the Free version. At the same time, the WP upgrade players can collect more rewards from Winner Pass than free WP Players.

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In PUBG Mobile Lite, a new winner pass is released every month on a specific theme. The rewards of the Winner pass are designed on that theme.

There are 30 levels in Winner Pass. On each level, a reward is available to collect. Players have to level up their rank to collect more rewards. To increase the WP level, players have to collect WP points obtained from daily and weekly missions.

The daily missions have a specific time; players have to do that in that time to collect WP points.

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