PUBG Mobile Lite redeem code for today: Get White Rabbit set

PUBG Mobile Lite players can claim a free outfit set by using redeem code. This redeem code is available for a limited time period.

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In this article we are providing PUBG Lite redeem code and a guide on how to get collect rewards using redeem codes.

PUBG Mobile Lite redeem code get White Rabbit set for free

Redeem White Rabbit set for free in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite developers providing various exclusive outfits on the game shop section and also through seasonal pass. But, players have to purchase these items using BC to procure them.

However, this is not possible to every player to spend money on the game. Hence, those players are searching for alternative ways.

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Redeem codes are the best way to collect game items for free. For encouraging the players the developers providing redeem codes. By using that codes players can collect permanent or limited rewards in the game.

Now, a new PUBG Lite redeem code is available by using that users can collect a White Rabbit Set for a limited time. The redeem code is given below.


PUBG Mobile Lite redeem code

Reward: White Rabbit Sett

How to collect rewards using PUBG Mobile Lite redeem codes?

  1. Visit the official website of PUBG Lite redemption center. Players can go directly by click here. (If not open to your IP connect to VPN)
  2. After entered into the website, submit the required details like Character ID, Redeem Code, and verification code.
  3. Click on Submit button, a pop-up will appear for details confirmation. Check it and click on OK button.
  4. Collect the rewards from the in-game mail section.

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Note: If the users encountered any error such as redeem failed or enter correct code, means the code get expired. So, before that try to use the above given code.

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