PUBG Lite redeem code claim outfit and mask for free

PUBG Lite redeem code for today (July 22th)

A new PUBG Mobile Lite redeem code is released. By using the latest PUBG Lite redeem code players can collect an outfit and a mask for free.

The redeem codes are very helpful for players to collect free in-game rewards. PUBG Mobile Lite has exclusive in-game items, the developers released these items regularly on Winner Pass section.

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Players have to purchase winner pass to claim the rewards available in that. Whereas, purchasing winner pass is not a easy task, users have to spend real money. So, it not works for every player.

Hence, redeem codes are the best way for the players who are looking for free in-game rewards. In this article we are provided the latest PUBG Lite redeem codes and how to collect rewards using redeem codes.

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PUBG Lite redeem code for today (July 22th)

Redeem Code: BMTBZBZ4ET

Jester Hero Headgear
Collect Jester Hero Headgear from in-game mail
Jester Hero Set
Collect Jester Hero Set from in-game mail

Rewards: Jester Hero Set and Jester Hero Headgear

The redeem code are not works for longer time, it has some specific limit to claim rewards. So, players have to use redeem codes as earlier as possible to collect the rewards. If it get expired, the code will not works to claim rewards.

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How to receive rewards in PUBG Mobile Lite using redeem codes?

It is very easy for the people who are using redeem codes for a long period. But, it’s not for newbies. So, a step-by-step guide is provided in below by following that the users can collect rewards using PUBG Lite redeem codes.

Step 1: Visit PUBG Lite redeem official website. By clicking here users can go to the website directly.

Step 2: Enter the required details such as Character ID, redeem code, and verification code.

Step 3: After click on submit button a dialog box will appear for verification of details click on OK button.

PUBG Lite redeem code claim outfit and mask for free
Click on “OK” Button

Step 4: A dialog box which shows the status of the process. If it successfully redeemed a image as shown in below will appear, otherwise it indicates failed to redeem/enter correct code.

After this process the rewarded items can collect from the in-game mail section. The rewards collected by using the above code are limited.

Note: At the time of writing this article the above code is in working.

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