How to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 11

How to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 11

Are you looking for how to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Lite new season easily, then this is the right place to find an answer.

Few days back, PUBG Mobile Lite Season 11 has arrived. So, players tier ranks was reset for the new season. Whereas, reaching to Conqueror in tier ranks is a great achievement for a PUBG Player.

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But, now-a-days the competition between players is more, hence it is not that much easier to reach to Conqueror position.

Conqueror is the highest position in PUBG Lite Season tier ranks. However, it is not a easy task for everyone, players have to explore more skills in the game to reach it.

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In this article, we are provided some tips and tricks that will useful for everyone in their game to rank push to Conqueror on Season 11.

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Tips and Tricks to reach Conqueror easily

While playing the game, some factors like Kills, Survive Time, Health restore and Damage, Revive, and more will helpful to users in their rank push. Check out the below tricks that will helpful to you in rank pushing.

Survive More time in the game:

The main motto of the PUBG Mobile Lite is to survive in the battlegrounds till the end. The survive time is considered from the landing in battlefield. Hence, by surviving more time in the game gains more points, that will helps to increase tier rank.

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Whereas, choosing the right landing location helps to survive more time in the game. So, before landing you have to select the right spot in the map. Prefer to land away from the plane path, because in that area the enemy rush is more and difficult to survive more time in the game.

Number of Kills:

If you want to survive in the game, you have to defeat the enemies. So, after survive time the number of kills is helpful in rank pushing. If you are expert in firing, then it is a easy task, otherwise little bit complicated.

If you’re not a firing expect then follow the below steps:

  1. Don’t take first chance, wait for the opportunity.
  2. If any firing take place near by you, go and target them.
  3. Camp for enemies in best locations.

Damage & Health Restore:

For Damage & Health restore can get some points. So, create more damage as much as possible in the game. And also, use more med kits, and all to restore health. These two things are very easy to do, so focus on these in every game.

Note: If you are rank pushing in Duo or Squad modes, then also consider the below points along with the earlier discussed.

Revive More:

Revive is the best option to save the friend in the game. This is one of the main factor while rank push on Duo or Squad modes. So, revive more as much as possible if you want to rank push in tier season.

Play with the same team:

While playing Duo and Squad matches, prefer to play with the same teammates on every time. Because, you have a good communication between us and matching will happens with the same tier rank players. But, that’s not make with auto matching.

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