Get Permanent Road Rage Set for free in BGMI

Get Permanent Road Rage Set for free in BGMI
Collect ‘Road Rage Set’ for Free in BGMI

BGMI players have a great opportunity to redeem an outfit and hat for permanent. If anyone want to increase their inventory value this is the best chance to do.

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How to get Permanent Outfit in BGMI?

On July 30th, a new event Sand Bottle Exchange is added in Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are some rewards are available to redeem in this section, these items can be get by exchanging Sand Bottles.

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Get Permanent Road Rage Set for free in BGMI
Sand Bottle Events in BGMI

The event will available on August 20th, 2021. Before it comes to end, players have to collect their favorite items from this event by exchanging Sand Bottles. The below given rewards are available to redeem through this event.

  • 500 BP – Required 1 Sand Bottle
  • 50 AG – Required 2 Sand Bottles
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap – Required 4 Sand Bottles
  • Road Rage Hat – Required 50 Sand Bottles
  • Road Rage Set – Required 120 Sand Bottles

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If you want to collect Road Rage Hat and Road Rage Set, you have to need 50 and 120 Sand bottles respectively. These sand bottles can earn by doing simple missions given in [Sand Bottle] Total Earning Mission 1 and as well as from [Sand Bottle] Daily Earning Mission 1.

By completing the available missions on these two sections players can collect it. In Daily Earning Mission, the tasks are refreshed every day. The Mission 1 will ends on August 9th, after that another new events are available to earn sand bottles.

Players have to be do the following missions earn Sand Bottles:

  • Play Classic Mode 20 times
  • Play Classic Mode 40 times
  • Play Classic Mode 60 times
  • Achieve Top 5, 3 times every day with friends in Classic Mode (Mission refreshed every day)

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