Get Permanent Backpack for free in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

Get Permanent Backpack for free in PUBG Mobile and BGMI
Get Heart of the Sea Backpack for free

In PUBG Mobile as well as BGMI, the developers added a new event. The name of this event is Future Leap. By participating on this event players can get a chance to collect Permanent Backpack.

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Events are very special in the Krafton developed games. The game developers will encourage the users by rewarded with some special rewards for participating on these events.

How to get Permanent Backpack in PUBG Mobile/BGMI?

Future Leap Event
Future Leap Event

A new event called Future Leap is added in PUBG Mobile and also in BGMI on today i.e. July 27th, it will be available up to August 11th. Players can redeem special rewards such as Supply Crate Coupon, Classic Crate Coupon, Comic Pop – Vector Skin, and Heart of the Sea Backpack on this event.

To redeem the available items, players have to earn points. These points are obtained from the map by using batteries. Batteries are useful to advance by 1-4 steps in the map. The map is reset whenever players return to the starting point, and also rewarded with extra points for each lap completed.

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A set of daily missions are given to earn batteries and these missions are refreshed daily at 00:00 (UTC+0). These missions are very easy to do.

The Backpack is delivering for permanent, it looks OP. Players have to need 100 points to collect this reward. This item will increase the inventory value of the user. Whereas, Vector gun skin is also available in the redeem section but it is for a limited period.

These are the rewards can earn through Future Leap event:

  1. Supply Crate Coupon – 20 Points
  2. Classic Crate Coupon – 40 Points
  3. Comic Pop Vector Gun Skin – 80 Points
  4. Heart of the Sea Backpack – 100 Points

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