PUBG Mobile Hanger mode Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile Hanger mode Tips and Tricks

In PUBG Mobile, new content is available very oftenly, that creates more interest in players towards the game. Recently, the developers launched PUBG Mobile new update 1.4 version globally, which added several new content to the game.

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With the collaboration of Godzilla vs Kong movie the developers bring new game modes. Along with these, they replaced the available TMD with new mode Hanger. It is a small map as compared to the old one.

The design of the Hanger battlefield is completely different, and it has very decent. The entire area is constructed in the ship and also a helicopter is placed at the center of this map.

Hanger has a small area, so the players have a chance to defeat easily in the opponents hands. Hence, here are the some useful tips and tricks are given to the players for attacking the enemies.

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Top 5 Tips and Trick of PUBG Mobile Hanger Mode

An Helicopter is a special attraction in Hanger mode. It is placed at the center of that map. The players can use this for a better spot to campaign and attack the enemies. It is also useful for taking cover from the enemies attacks.

An unknown area is there at the back side of the helicopter tail. By going there the players can easily attack the enemies. It is one of the best spot in Hanger to easily attack the enemies. You can check out the exact spot of this in the below provided video.

Few other areas are also available, which are very useful to the players for defeating enemies, a detailed video of Top 5 Tips and Trick of PUBG Mobile Hanger Mode is provided below, once check it:

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