How to level up quickly in Fortnite Season 7

How to level up quickly in Fortnite Season 7
Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite Season 7 arrived in the game. Everyone trying to reach maximum level-up in this new Battle Pass. However, it is hard to reach level 100 through the traditional ways.

The players have to collect more XP points to unlock the rewards on the pass. This season has new skins and cosmetics to unlock, including crossovers with Rick & Morty and even virtual celeb Guggimon.

This article provided the best ways to earn more XP and reach maximum level in the new Season Battle Pass to unlock all the rewards, and also have an opportunity to collect required Battle starts to purchase every single skin and cosmetic on offer.

How to earn more XP to level up quickly in Fortnite Season 7

1. Complete Weekly Epic Challenges:

How to level up quickly in Fortnite Season 7
Weekly challenges are a great way to earn XP (Image via Epic Games)

Weekly Epic Challenges are one of the best way to earn XP points. It has a set of seven Epic quests for players to tackle. For completing these challenges the players are rewarded with 24,000 XP each grant.

Hence, by working hard on these weekly quests the players can definitely to max out the Battle Pass. The new weekly tasks are release on every Thursday at 7AM PT | 10AM ET | 3PM BST.

2. Complete Weekly Legendary Challenges:

How to level up quickly in Fortnite Season 7
Legendary quests offer huge amount of XP (Image via Epic Games)

Unlike the weekly quest, the Legendary quests are also available in the game. It has multiple stages to complete the task. For each successful mission offers 45,000XP. But, it is not easier to complete.

There are some of the most time-consuming challenges you'll face, as you'll need to do things like landing headshots or crafting weapons. It's definitely worth the effort, though.

3. Use Party Assist to complete challenges faster

How to level up quickly in Fortnite Season 7
Party Assist in trios and squads will help you level up in no time (Image via Epic Games)

Party Assist function is one of the best feature in Fortnite, useful to complete quests faster than normal.

While playing with friends in Duos, Trios, or Squads is there any progress on Epic and Legendary quests, that will shared to each player in the team.

Hence, it is very useful to complete the challenges easily and faster.

4. Grind towards Fortnite Milestones

How to level up quickly in Fortnite Season 7
Image via Epic Games

In Fortnite Season 7, the Milestones feature are also returned to the game. The Milestones are hidden tasks, that will only appear once you've reached a certain target.

Most of these Milestone tasks are like driving a certain distance or destroy specific items. Here are some of the more uncommon Milestones that you might not have discovered yet:

Fortnite Season 7 Milestones

  • Cop down trees (100/250/500/1000/2500)
  • Complete bounties (5/25/50/75/100)
  • Consume foraged items (10/50/100/250/500)
  • Deal damage from above (1000/5000/10000/25000/50000)
  • Destroy shrubs (25/50/100/250/500)
  • Destroy stones (25/100/250/500/1000)
  • Don disguises (3/25/20/100/200)
  • Hunt animals (10/50/250/500/1000)
  • Ignite structures with fire (25/50/100/250/500)
  • Meiee eliminations (5/25/50/75/100)
  • Mod vehicles (1/3/10/25/50)
  • Search ice machines (5/25/75/150/300)
  • Thank the bus driver (10/25/50/100/200)

More Milestone quests are available in the game, by reaching out only you can find out.

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