How to get High Mobility set in PUBG Mobile Lite

How to get High Mobility set in PUBG Mobile LitePUBG Mobile Lite High Mobility Set

The PUBG Mobile Lite developers added a High Mobility Set in shop section. It has a special offer. The players have a chance to get it for cheap price. The offer will ends on 3rd June.

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PUBG Lite is a popular title in Battle Royale, which supports on low-ended devices. The developers providing new content regularly for making the game content as fresh and interesting. Recently, the developers released PUBG Lite 0.21.0 Update global version.

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The PUBG Mobile Lite in-game items are also special to the players. These items improves the character appearance in the battlefield. The developers released these items periodically on Winner Pass, Lucky Spins and Draws.

However, the players have to spend in-game money to get these items permanently. Battle Coins (BC) is the in-game currency of the PUBG Lite. The players need to spend real money to top-up in-game currency.

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How to get High Mobility set in PUBG Mobile Lite?

Now, the developers provide a High Mobility Set in shop section. And also they provide an offer on that. The players get this set with a 90% discount. So, if anyone is looking to add an outfit in their inventory, this is the best opportunity.

By spending only 99BC, the players can get this exclusive outfit. If you want to buy it, then follow the below steps:

1. Open the game, go to shop section.

2. Visit Outfits section and find the High Mobility Set.

3. By spending 99BC, You can add this outfit permanently on your inventory.

Especially, Outfits are more popular in PUBG Lite in-game items. The outfits improves the character experience in the game. On every Winner Pass the developers will provide an outfit for the players.

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