How to download Minecraft new Update on Android, Xbox, PlayStation

How to download Minecraft new Update on Android, Xbox, Playstation
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Minecraft is one of the most creative sand-box strategy games, created by Markus "Notch" Persson, and is presently managed by Mojang Studios. 

The game presents a portal to a graphically designed 3-D open-world environment, enabling the players to explore a new world of possibilities, interacting and modifying the in-game circumstances to enhance their gaming experience. 

In this dynamic era of technology, the world is the evidence of the trash of many big names of the gaming genre. But, Minecraft has withstood the rising tide of technological advancement to solidify a prominent position in the Gaming Ecosystem. 

As the gaming community is climbing the ladder of recognition, Mojang, the developing manager of Minecraft with a team of efficient members, is elucubrating to unlock the game's new possibilities to provide the users with Minecraft Latest Updates. 

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How to download Minecraft latest update 

Minecraft is available across various gaming platforms or devices like – IOS/Android, XBOX, PLAYSTATION, Windows 10, Gear VR, and many more. 

Here is the guide to download Minecraft latest update on all the platforms – 

How to download Minecraft new update on IOS/Android 

It is one of the easiest tasks to download Minecraft latest update on smartphone devices. 

· To download the latest updates, Open the Playstore or the App Store on your smartphone. 

· Now tap the search button to find 'Minecraft.' If you have already purchased the game, the update option will be availed to you. 

· Now press the Update button and let it download to enjoy the latest version of Minecraft. 

How to download Minecraft latest update on XBOX 

· To get your hand on the Update option, open the "My Apps & Games "section. 

· Now select Minecraft and then click the More options button. 

· A list will appear and now select the "Manage game & add-ons" button to open a new menu. 

· Now click the "check for updates" option to download the latest update. 

How to download Minecraft latest update on PLAYSTATION 4 

· The PS4 avails an auto-update feature, which provides excellent assistance to the users. 

· But if the automatic update option is not set on, you can select Minecraft by clicking on the "Options Button". 

· Then press the "Check for Updates" button to install the latest version of the game. 

How to download Minecraft latest update on WINDOWS 10 

· Windows 10, with its excellent AI features, enables an automatic update option to the users. 

· Or else, you can access the Microsoft Store and then and click on the three dots on the rightmost corner of the display. 

· Then select the "Downloads and Updates" option. 

· Now enable the "Get Updates" options to upgrade all the applications to the latest versions. 

How to download Minecraft latest update on GEAR VR 

It's relatively easy to install the updates on Gear VR. 

· Just launch Minecraft and a pop-up message asking for the permissions to update the game. 

· If you click Yes, it will initiate auto-update to the latest version. 

How to download Minecraft latest update on FIRE TV 

· Open up the Store by entering Minecraft by clicking the magnifying glass like icon. 

· Now find and click the download update option. After completing the download, a pop-up message is available on Home Screen under the 'Recent' tab. 

· Now highlight Minecraft and click the three horizontal lines ( menu button) and click on the 'More Info' button. 

· Then look for the 'Update' option to initiate the download of Minecraft latest update. 

Final Words 

Minecraft introduced a bomb of thrill, action, adventure, and entertainment to the gaming universe. 

So why are you waiting? After reading this article, you got the complete information on 'how to download Minecraft latest update'. Now, go and experience the Universe of Minecraft.

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