Free Fire redeem code for today get 4x Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate

Free Fire redeem code for today get 4x Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate
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Free Fire redeem code are one of the best opportunity for users to collect game items for free. In this article we provide a latest redeem code, the players from the regions US,NA and SAC can only able to use this code.

The Free Fire redeem code is a combination of alphabets and numbers with 12 characters. The players can redeem these codes on Free Fire Redemption page, and collect rewards via in-game mail section.

There are several cosmetics, outfits, bundles and more are available in the game. The players can get these items through special events and spin wheels. However, the players have to spend diamonds to participate on these events.

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The diamonds are the most expensive currency in the game. But, every players is not affordable to spend money for game. So, redeem codes are the best way to claim game items for free of cost.

How to get Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate

Redeem Code: T8ST-J4XY-PPGS

4x Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate

By using the above redeem code the players from the above mentioned regions have a chance to claim 4x Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate. Check below how to redeem Free Fire code, we given step by step guide on that.

Step 1: Go to Free Fire official redemption website by click here

Step 2: Login to account via FB/Google/VK/Huawei. Guest accounts are not eligible for redeem codes.

Step 3: Enter above provided code and click on redeem option.

Step 4: Collect rewards on game via in-game mail section.

Every redeem code has certain usage limit and valid for limited period. Once it reached that limit, the code will not valid for further.

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