PUBG Mobile Lite Best Glitches and Secret Tricks

Glitches plays an important role in PUBG Mobile game. If you can use these glitches it is easy to defect enemies and win Chicken Dinner. Actually, the game developers fix these glitches while releasing new updates. But sometimes in new updates also we seen these bugs and glitches.

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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 update is released on 17th September by modifying the bugs and glitches in the previous version PUBG Lite 0.18.0 update and some other new features are also added on this update.

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But the game developers forgot to fix some glitches in the latest update. If you check latest PUBG Lite update 0.19.0 you can find a number of hidden, underground and more glitches. If you use these glitches in game you can easily win chicken dinner. 

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In this article we will discuss some best glitches which are helpful to the players in the game.

Roof Glitch in PUBG Lite:

The name of the glitch indicates it will works on the building. By using this glitch you can easily check the surroundings of the building in 360 degrees from inside the building. For performing this glitch you need yours partner help. Find the building as shown in the below image.

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Roof Glitch in PUBG Mobile Lite 

Inside that building there is a sofa or table. You and yours teammate both have to stand on that. After that anyone prone in that item the other player can enter into this glitch. The main disadvantage of this glitch is firing is not take place from there. This trick is only useful for finding the enemies locations.

Roof Glitch in PUBG Mobile Lite

Roof Glitch in PUBG Mobile Lite

Trick for Surprise Attack on Enemies in PUBG Lite:

Many players make campaigns for attacking enemies. For that the players mostly prefer buildings which are showing in below. If you find anyone doing campaign in such buildings you can make a surprise attack on enemies by performing this trick.

If you check the outside of these buildings you can find pipes and containers. By using these you can climb the building easily. First take a jump over the pipes then go to the container. From there take a long jump over the building. Then you can stand on the small wall from there you can easily attack the enemies.

Bridge Glitch in PUBG Lite:

Bridge glitch in PUBG Lite is the easiest one and it can be easily perform. These glitch works on the bridges. By using this glitch you can check the enemies movements on the other end and firing also take place.

Bridge Glitch in PUBG Mobile Lite

For performing this glitch players need to go bridge edge as shown in image then crouch in that position and press on peak. Check now yours head goes into the bridge but you can easily seen the other end without any problem.

Bridge Glitch in PUBG Mobile Lite

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