Garena Free Fire 3volution latest updates and new features

Garena Free Fire 3volution latest updates and new features
Image Credits : Free Fire

Here is another staggering version of Free Fire - Garena Free Fire: 3volution. Do you know what this fascinating game all about? This game is about shooter survival. The best thing is that you can choose the location according to your desire. You have to compete with 49 other players. The more you stay in a safe zone, the more the chances of winning. 

Isn’t it amazing? Give a try duration of this game is just 10 minutes, surely you will love it. 

All you need to know about it 

Free Fire OB23 Advance Server: Are you the lucky one who has been granted access by Garena? Then why are you waiting for? Download it right away for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and have the privilege to check the features in an upcoming game. This device requires the space approximately 600 MB to 800 MB. 

It will enable you to decide beforehand whether you want to download the game or not. 

Convoy Couch – It has the three rounds, and to win the game, you have to be the winner for two rounds. The defending team has to destroy the monster truck before reaching the spawn area. 

Nutshell, you have to defend your area from the monster truck from entering it. If you successfully stop it from capturing your space, then you are the winner. 

The monster truck has to face four obstacles in the journey, while the group of the team will manage the monster truck. One will drive, and the other three will defend from the enemies. 

What new features will you get? 

Every new game comes up with new features. We all wait for it. This game features two new valiant characters – Laqueta and Mr. Wagger. Are you aware of the “Hayato” – a legendary Samurai, known for increasing armor penetration? There has been an updated in this character; the new one is Hayato Firebrand. 

Give a try to a new weapon AUG. Other new features are new driving mechanism, weapon improvement, and change in the Bermuda Plan, alter in runway – the new Spawn Island, a new item in a revive kit and new training ground. Enjoy it! 

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