Fans, close to returning to the Liga MX stadiums

Fans, close to returning to the Liga MX stadiums

Liga MX has contemplated that the fans can already enter the properties during the Guardians 2020

Due to pandemic corona virus in the world all the games are conducting on audience free stadiums. But in recent days some changes are happening  in restrictions regarding Covid-19. So it has been thought this is the time for opening stadium doors.

According to the TUDN-Televisa Deportes portal, the MX League has contemplated that the fans can now enter the properties where the Guardians 2020 games are held.

If it happens initially they will try with only 30 to 50 percent capacity rather than 100 percent stadium capacity. But to make that decision the League is waiting for the month p October to arrive and thus analyze, together with the authorities of health of the county, if it is conductive to taking this next step. 

Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, director of health promotion, said in recent months that it is planned to open the stadiums when the epidemiological traffic light is yellow, at this time in most of the country, the traffic light is orange.

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