Pawan Kalyan birthday hashtag will breaks Mahesh Babu record in Twitter.

Pawan Kalyan Birthday hashtag Creates a new record in Twitter.

Will Pawan Kalyan fans creates a new record in twitter with Pawan Kalyan birthday hashtag.

Pawan Kalyan Birthday hashtag Creates a new record in Twitter.

Only few hours to go for the birthday of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. All the fans are ready to create a record on social media, especially in Twitter. Every year in twitter the fans and followers of the Pawan Kalyan make a record trend with his birthday hashtag. Similarly, this year also Pawan fans and followers are waiting to create a new record in twitter, trending with his birthday hashtag. 

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Recently, Mahesh Babu fans was created a record in twitter by the hashtag #HBDMaheshBabu for his 45th Birthday which was celebrated on 9th August 2020. The hashtag #HBDMaheshBabu created a record with 60.2 million tweets within 24 hours, and became world's most tweeted hashtag within 24 hours. Before #HBDMaheshBabu hashtag this record was in the hashtag of #TwitterBestFandom, which was tweeted 60.05 times within 24 hours in 2019.

Now, Pawan Kalyan Fans are ready to break this record which was in the hashtag #HBDMaheshBabu. Pawan Kalyan has most fan following all over the world. So it is easy to create a history in twitter with his birthday hashtag. Similarly fans will use his upcoming movie names Vakeel Saab, PSPK 27 and PSPK 28 (both tentative titles).

Few days back, Pawan Kalyan fans released the Common DP (Display Image). It set a new record world record with 65 million tweets in 24 hours. The CDB already breaks all the records of the Mahesh Babu birthday hashtag. So, every thinking this year 49th birthday of Pawan Kalyan creates a new record in twitter and social media also.

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