Unlock 4.0 guidelines:Metro Services resume;Schools,Theaters remains closed.


Unlock 4.0 guidelines Metro services resume, Schools & theaters remains closed.

The government of India announced new Unlock 4.0 guidelines. These guidelines will apply from 1st September to 30th September. In this guidelines the government of India gave green signal to Metro Trains, Open Air Theaters, Sports, Entertainment and Culture events with a limited members. But in containment zones the lock down restrictions will continue until September 30.

Highlights of Unlock 4.0 guidelines:

1) From September 7th the metro trains services will resume in phased manner.

2) Open Air Theaters, Sports, Entertainment and Culture events allowed with limited members.

3) Schools, Coaching Centers, Theaters, Swimming Pools, Entertainment Parks are remain closed.

4) Allowed Interstate transport without restrictions.

In Unlock 4.0 guidelines they don't allowed to open Schools, Coaching Centers, Theater (except open air theaters with limited members), Swimming Pools, Entertainment Parks up to 30th September.

From 7th September the Metro train services will resume in a phased manner. The government also allowed to open sports, entertainment events, open theaters, with a limited (100) members restrictions. 

Currently Unlock 3.0 guidelines are going these rules comes to end on August 31st. After that these new guidelines will comes into action.

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