Know Everything about Made in America festival and Lineup.

Well, Made in America is a festival which started in 2012. The program is started to unite and enhance music and culture together. It consists of a huge number of stages and hosts live music and concert. The festival usually held at Philadelphia however, Made in America festival was simultaneously held at the city Los Angeles. The festival was founded by Jay-Z carter.


The founder of Made in America festival was a famous American rapper and music director or producer. He has a keen interest in music and always wants to have a good platform around the USA. The 1st or the inauguration was held in September 2012 in Philadelphia. The program was so entertaining it was able to attract almost 75,000 people or even more. The collection was quite impressive at over 5 million dollars. The huge success of the event (Made in America festival) promotes it to organize it again in next year and till days. The whole city has earned over 12 million dollars with the organization of this event.


Day by day the program got more and more popularity and many famous bands and musician joined the troop of entertainment. They’ll able to collect a huge amount of money. After seeing the success of the 1st ceremony they decided to continue it for next year also. In the year 2013 Brian Grazer and Ron Howard also joined with Jay-Z.


In 2020, it will be organized on 4th and 6th September. The public is looking very excited about the event. It is always said that Americans are always music and art lover. There is no official notification regarding the cancellation of the program in 2020. Made in America festival is scheduled in Philadelphia on 5th September.  


Made in America Lineup:


Due to the pandemic corona virus the artists lineup not announced, check for updates.

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