Elevate Festival 2020 Austria, Lineup, Tickets.

Elevate Festival 2020 Austria

The Elevate festival 2020 brings the ode to all the music and art lovers across the globe. Completely based on experimental ideas to step out of convention, the elevate festival is an amazing retreat to any admirer of art. The most unique feature of this festival is its integral correlation with political whereabouts.
Yes guys, compiling politics and music is a completely out of the box idea. Yet, this is what makes elevate stand out in the mass. Over the years, elevate has successfully demarcated itself in the great population of hardcore music fests.
Every year, elevate comes up with a theme. This theme predominately channels all the music performances, art displays and political discussions about to take place in the fest. This is one of the most celebrated global platforms that weaves together the understanding and etiology of music, art and politics.
Elevate was started way back in the 2005, with the aim to promote freedom of speech and expression. The primary target of the festival was to inculcate belongingness and remove aloofness of the commoners from mainstream global whereabouts. Having passed through a journey full of high and low, elevate now stands tall in its fame and popularity.

The core of the elevate program is the establishment of an interdisciplinary skeleton of contemporary art and political propagandas. The best part which even solidifies the base of elevate festival much more is the non profit nature of the programme. The association which organizes this festival completely works on non profit line. The events, talk shows and all film screenings are absolutely free of cost. Anybody who wants to join can actually pop in. democracy and environment as usual remains the heart throb of elevate festival 2020.
The recent and the subsiding generation will interdigitate and exchange their views through special film screenings, art displays, music concerts and most importantly political talk shows. Elevate also promotes the participation of upcoming and well-known music artists, those who want to break norms, step out of the box. There might be lack of acceptance from the conventional society for these artists, but elevate always keeps its door open for them
All these amazing features has literally converted elevate festival into a global sensation.

Let us have a look at the special features of elevate festival 2020

           Location: - Opening event in Graz at Orpheum 
     Theme: - this year’s theme for disclosure is HUMAN NATURE
     Date of opening: - 4th march, 2020 (1st march for the art section only)
     Date of closing: - 8th march

For the discourse Eminent speakers: -
·        Adenike Oladosu
·        Elizabeth Wathuti
·        Douglas Rushkoff
·        And many more
Few of the noteworthy discussion topics would remain as
·        Creativity of machines
·        Climate crisis
·        Importance of psychedelics
·        Future destination of human beings


Eminent artists

·        Dalia Ahmed
·        DJ Durbin
·        Fingers of god
·        Francois Bonnet
·        Hatis Noit
And many more

Noteworthy artists
·        Nayantara Ranganathan
·        Peter Kutin
·        Manuel Beltran
And many more to celebrate the chastity of art and passion

The order of the venues shall remain as follows
·        Orpheum
·        Doom in berg
·        mausoleum
·        Forum Stadt park
·        tunnel
·        Mumuth
·        Dungeon
·        Parkhouse
·        greenhouse
·        Literaturhaus Graz

To be a part of this grand festive event book your tickets now through https://elevate.at/en/tickets/ticketshop/

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