HASS F1 release their livery

F1 2020 got underway properly today when HASS revealed the first images of its new car the VF 20 is the team's fifth Formula One car that it hopes will perform better than a troublesome machine that it produced last year. Now one change that was immediately obvious is the livery is it new is it old gets that shortly taking an in-depth look at the images that were revealed today so what did you make a passage new creation well first of all I just want to say I'm really happy at launch seasons back with us there's always this mass hysteria this time of year and we've got a new car I think the main thing to take away is apart from it's rather lovely
livery it's very similar to the Ferrari from last year isn't it that's them see me a good thing for her how many worse than last year let's be honest the car was incredibly problematic last year and there was this huge problem with getting the tires within a window that you know they could work and work for a sustained period of time so in qualifying there would be absolutely fine in low conditions low temperature
conditions they'll be absolutely fine but when it was I don't know 25 to 30degree race give it five laps and they were falling through the field so this is a bit of a new concept for them and hopefully it all will work a little bit better now if you had to perfect how much of this new car or hatas new car is the old Ferrari or looks like the old Ferrari
I think that's every car in Formula basically the front one shot of the car is well it really really has some sort of like Porsche colours and vibes coming through see I
think I think it's pretty cool actually I like it the reason why they do that by the way is because it looks good on TV so it stands out on TV but then if every car is the same colour scheme does it stand out true question though no it's like JBL usually it's good to see those colors back again isn't it I think the black and gold sort of signified something ass or bit of turmoil a turbulent time for the team and this is
kind of a statement of we want to go back to where we were they seem to be doing it every other year as well so 2016 2018 and now to 2023 without that scheme 2017 to 2019 slightly different schemes and not quite as much luck either so hopefully it'll work out better

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