F1 Revealed its calendar for 2020, F1 2020

F1 Revealed its calendar for 2020

In this year if 2020 it will be the longest season in the championships history with 22 races. F1 was expected to say at 21 races for next year but the Spanish Grand Prix’s recent one year extension has taken the calendar to a record 22 events which F1 boss Chase Kerry says received unanimous support from FIA and the teams at this stage calendar remained subject to approval by the World Motorsport Council and the only provisional race is the Italian Grand Prix. Monza does not yet have a contract in place beyond this year but F1has revealed new deal is currently been finalize so what are the changes for next this year.
The two new races on calendar are Vietnam and Netherlands which both feature early in the season. Vietnam’s race will take place on a street circuit designed to create overtaking opportunities of his long straights and the track layout also take cues from the Nurburgring Monaco and Suzuka. Max Verstappen will get his first home Grand Prix at the start of May with F1 returning to zambo for the first time since 1985. The dutch circuits layout has changes since its most recent F1 race in the 80s and it remains to be seen exactly how the facilities and track itself will be modified for staff and has driven F1 machinery and demo runs at the circuit in recent years and he believes the track will need to be changed to create good racing. As high speed sweeps will not allow the cars to follow closely.

The reason two new races only takes us up from 21 to 22 for next year is because the German Grand Prix is once again fallen of the calendar the Hockenheim race stayed on the schedule for 2019 thanks to support from local area and title Sponsorship from Mercedes but further extension wasn’t possible for 2020. However F1 boss have revealed that other regions cities and parties expressed an interest reviving the race and it is also looking how to maintain a presence in Germany next year perhaps through running live events or event testing. Spain was also expected to be dropped for next year but race organisers recently managed to secure a new deal for 2020 and talks are expected to continue of F1 about longer-term extension.

Mexico was another race thought to be in doubt beyond 2019 when it lost its government funding but new private backing was secured and a three year deal was arranged to keep race on calendar until least 2022 other noteworthy dates on the schedule include Azerbaijan moving from early in the season to a June slot that places it back-to-back with the Canadian Grand Prix and speaking of Canada the Montreal race will clash with the 2020 LeMond 24 hours making it first time since 2016 that Grand Prix has run on the same weekend as the World Endurance Championship showpiece event while this is F1 most packed calendar of all time the four week summer break between Hungary and Belgium in August remains although the rest of the schedule features seven back-to-back races to keep the season crammed in between March and November.

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