China Open 2019: ZHENG Si Wei and HUANG Ya Qiong sealed third consecutive China Open.

China Open 2019 Finals: ZHENG Si Wei and HUANG Ya Qiong sealed their third consecutive year China Open 2019 Mixed Doubles by defending the WANG Yi Lyu and HUANG Dong Ping by 21-17, 13-21, 21-16 in 52 minutes of game. ZHENG Si Wei and HUANG Ya Qiong pair won 2017 and 2018 china open mixed doubles. 

China Open 2019 Mixed Doubles Finals Highlights

China Open 2019 Mixed Doubles Finals Highlights:

Set 1:

ZHENG Si Wei and HUANG Ya Qiong won set 1 by 21-17, WANG Yi Lyu and HUANG Dong Ping gave a good fight to ZHENG Si Wei and HUANG Ya Qiong. But ZHENG Si Wei and HUANG Ya Qiong took more advantage and convert that into a game point.

Set 2:

WANG Yi Lyu and HUANG Dong Ping won set 2 by 21-13, by a good come back. WANG Yi Lyu and HUANG Dong Ping doesn't gave any chance to ZHENG Si Wei and HUANG Ya Qiong to get come back in the set and won the game 2. 

Set 3:

ZHENG Si Wei and HUANG Ya Qiong who won the 2017 and 2018 China Opens once again sealed 2019 China Opens also by defeating the WANG Yi Lyu and HUANG Dong Ping in last set 21-16.

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