Weather station installed on Mount Everest, the world's highest peak

The National Geographic Society has done the difficult task of setting up a weather station on the world's highest peak. Weather station has been established in the Balcony Area of ​​Mount Everest. This news is not just a matter of relief for climbers. The forecast for change in weather conditions will also benefit the common people. Kathmandu
The National Geographic Society (NGS) has established the weather station on the world's highest peak in the Balcony Area of ​​Mount Everest. Established at an elevation of 27,658 feet above sea level, this station is fully automated. The purpose of this weather station is to tell the climbers, the general public and researchers about the exact information of the weather and the conditions there.

1 billion population benefits from weather station
Along with this, 4 more weather stations are also being made by the team. Weather stations have also been built at South Cole (7,945 m), Fourteenth (3,810 m), Everest base camp (5,315 m) and Camp II (6,464 m). All weather stations will share information about the temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, and wind direction of your area. Every update can be shared with weather stations and weather conditions. Due to difficult conditions in the area, many deaths occur every year and there is a crisis on the employment of people. Establishment of weather stations will benefit nearly 1 billion people affected by Mount Everest conditions.

Able to see every change in weather
The statement released by NGS said, "Balcony weather station is the first such station of its kind to be installed at an altitude of 8,000 meters. At the same time, it will be the first weather station to be able to realize the initial changes in nature, and with time the changes of weather conditions will be able to be viewed intelligently.

Weather scientists say that as the height increases, weather scientists also find it difficult to understand the conditions there. Due to the absence of weather stations at the height, it is very difficult to monitor the weather conditions and also accordingly release the forecast accordingly. Experts say that in recent days many mountaineers have been killed in Mount Everest climb. If the forecasts were released from the weather stations established at the height, such accidents could be avoided.

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