The first woman to land on the moon will be: Pence

US Vice-President Mike Pains said that Earth's natural satellite will be the first woman to land on the moon. Significantly, America is planning to send another space mission to the Moon. Addressing the Satellite 2019 Conference here, Pence said, "On the instructions of President Donald Trump, the US will return to the Moon within the next five years and the first woman to land on the Moon and the next person will be American."

He said that the Trump Administration is very proud before the end of the year and we will send American astronauts back to space on American rockets from American soil. In order to fully solve the mysteries of space, President Donald Trump is hopeful of working beyond the huge efforts of the US government for information and guidance besides NASA.

He said, "So we have gathered this user for the Advisory Group in the National Space Council, for which I can say with pride that in order to help in the development of innovation in the entire space enterprise, some of the country's talented and unique The talents have been brought together. "In Washington DC, the six-day four-day program will be held in more than 15,000 scientific and industrialized countries of 105 countries including India. Funds are to take part.

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