NASA discovered object with a meditative yogi, found evidence of water

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The past days of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had meditated while sitting on a rock in Kedarnath. Now another picture of 'yoga-meditation' is drawing attention, though it has nothing to do with Modi. NASA has released this picture of the celestial body in space. According to NASA, this is the most distant body, whose picture is possible. Its shape is like a person sitting in meditation. It is also billions of miles away from Pluto and it has been named Ultima Thule. This picture was taken from NASA's Yan New Horizons.

The distance from Earth to Ultima Thule is 6.4 kilometers. Actually, it is divided into two parts. The large part, which is also flat to a large extent, has been given the name of Ultima and the round shape associated with it has been called the Thule. These two where they join are named 'good'. On May 17, it was named 'MU69 2014' in the Journal of Public Science. Its shape is like a person sitting in mind. It is believed that even during the formation of the planets, it came into existence.

NASA's New Horizon Yan is 6.6 billion kilometers away from Earth and is entering fast into the Kuiper belt. Its speed is approximately 53,000 kilometers per hour. Photograph of Ultima Thule can be taken from New Horizon. The surface of this body is red, it is estimated that there will also be volcanoes. Its size is also bigger than Pluto. On the surface of the Ultima Thule, scientists have found portions of methanol and water ice. Although the snow here is slightly different.

According to scientists, the surface of Ultima Thule is red like fire and because of this, it can be said that there are also volcanoes awakened here. Apart from this, there are such pit on its surface that are often formed by the explosion. It is also estimated that these pits have become due to the collision of a large body. This photo, released by NASA, was taken in early January.

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